It's 2077 (cough, cough), you are a volleyball robot trainer. One day, in the middle of an important match, a group of aliens decide to invade the earth. Now you are angry and dangerous and decide to teach them a lesson.

In this game, the player controls a robot with a volleyball move set: he can serve, set, dig and spike the ball. He also has a cool dash. During the first two levels, the player will face melee and distance enemies until reaching the last one, the Final Boss.

During all this serious stuff, you can enjoy some intense synth wave music and neon graphics.

Credit for the songs:

Menu music:

Level 1 music:

Level 2 music:

Level 3 music:

Install instructions

You only need to download the compressed folder and execute the game inside.


VolleybotRevenge 41 MB


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Coudnt play. My inputs didnt work properly


I can't play the game. You should disable the WEBGL compression to make it disappear

Really? I am going to try that if it will wok on my game too. My webgl game didnt work too.

It should be working now. Thanks for the heads up.